We have two packages that offer a variety of great features to complete your health and fitness journey.  All the extra features of the Platinum are available as ADD-ONS for the Gold package so that you can build the exact package that suits your needs.

But before you choose your package please complete my online Application Form by clicking the link below. This will allow me learn more about you, help me connect with you, and identify whether you are the right person for my coaching services.


£ 150

  • Initial video assessment
  • Custom workout program design
  • Bi-weekly 15-min phone check-ins
  •  Weekly email support
  •  Habit tracking


£ 250

  • Initial video assessment
  • PLUS monthly video assessments
  • Custom workout program design
  • Custom nutrition design
  • Bi-weekly 15-min phone check-ins
  • email support within 24 hours
  • Instant messenger
  • Habit tracking
  • Accountability – checking your
    adherence to tasks


£ 35-50

  • Custom nutrition design
  • Monthly video/live assessments
  • Instant messenger
  • Upgrade to 24 hour email  support
  • Accountability – checking your adherence to tasks

After reviewing your application given that you have met the criteria for our coaching services you will receive an email from me with your password to the SHOP page. There you will be able to choose your coaching package and complete the check out process. You will then be ready to start.

At the bottom this page is a quick overview of how the whole coaching process works. To begin with there is a brief description of each feature within the packages. If you want a call from me to discuss anything simply hit the Request a Call Back above and we can set that up.

Initial Video Assessment

The primary purpose of the assessment is to establish a starting point. It’s also to identify any movement limitations or injuries, which I would need to know about.

Monthly Assessments

Repeating assessments at regular intervals is a great way to monitor your progress and check your techniques. It is also very good to make sure your results are valid and reliable as I will also check over them.

Custom Workout Program Design

Your programs will be personalised to your needs and ability. Following the assessment I will be able to gauge the right level for you to start. The actual structure will be decided from your assessment and goals, so that we know the direction we are heading.

Custom Nutrition Design

Whether you are looking to keep your blood sugar within the correct parameters or simply want to lose weight and keep it off. We look at meal plans, food diaries, and photo sharing so I can see your meals and portion sizes, you can also send me pictures of the food labels. These can be instantly uploaded via the App straight to me.

Bi-weekly 15 minute phone call “Check-ins”

These calls are great for touching bases with each other. I am always keen to see how you are finding everything and to make sure everything is working for you. It’s a great time to chat about anything you want clarity on or if anything doesn’t feel right for you. You can also tell me about any benefits that you have noticed.

Email Support

You can email me with any questions about the program, or general concerns of anything you are not sure about. Feel free to include any pictures that you would like me to look at and give you some feedback on. 

Instant Messenger

This is the quickest way to communicate with me. On the T2 platform/App we can set up instant messaging which is very similar to facebook messenger. You can message me instantly if you need something answering or clarifying quickly. I will try and get back to as quick as I can.


Often clients need accountability to make sure they follow through on each of the tasks I set and stay on track. We are connected via the T2 Platform therefore I can monitor your adherence and all your results giving you relevant feedback.

Habit Tracking

This a nice little tool that delivers a healthy habit for you to implement into your daily schedule. Habits area generally repeated for the week. Then we introduce a new one. Also, we can look at getting rid of any bad habits you may want to lose or cut down.

Quick Overview of how the T2 Coaching System Works. 

The Roadmap to your GOALS

1. Complete our online Application form.

We will review your form to make sure we are good to proceed. You will then receive a confirmation email outlining in more detail the whole system along with your password for the SHOP.

2. Choose your coaching package.

Take a good look at all our services which are detailed on the SERVICES page so that you can choose the correct level of coaching for you. Then proceed to the SHOP and choose the right package that suits your needs.

3. Getting Started.

Once you have completed the sign-up process I will start to put together your coaching material and build your personalised programs. Because everything is bespoke to you this can take 24 – 48 hours. You will receive your LOGIN details to the portal and details how to download the App.

4. Complete initial Questionnaires.

Now is the time to compete your initial Forms just before we get started. These include a Lifestyle, Medical, and consent forms. They are all very user friendly, quick and easy to complete.

5. Initial Contact.

You will receive my Welcome Pack (please read it) and I will arrange a time to call you. If we have not already spoke on the phone we now get to meet by phone or video call. I am here to help you stay consistent and hold you accountable (frightening) so you can achieve your goals.

6. Assessment.

We will do your initial assessment via a video call so that we can establish a starting point and identify any movement limitations. By this time I will have reviewed your questionnaires and now be in the position to send you your first training program. This will have been designed for your specific preferences and goals.

7. Learn & practice small steps that lead to lasting change.

Every week you’ll receive a nutrition skill or a mindset skill to practice daily, and you’ll track your consistency on using those new habits. You’ll also receive workouts tailored to your goals (which you can schedule in a way that suits your life). You will learn how to navigate your own food choices and make healthy eating and exercise decisions that suit your lifestyle.

8. Maintain contact with me.

You’ll have weekly and monthly scheduled check-ins where we can discuss your consistency, progress, and challenges. I can jump into your platform and track your adherence, habits, and results which is great for keeping you accountable and on track.

We will review your progress and discuss any adjustments. This will also help you stay accountable, which is huge for your success.