Paul Sebo M.Sc, B.Sc (Hons)

Founder of T2 Health Coach:

Paul Sebo will be your mentor during your personal journey to a healthier, fitter, slimmer you. His tried and tested fool proof system which you will receive follows a holistic approach which focuses on behavioural/habit change and is made up of 4 key pieces to his success puzzle.

Those pieces are: exercise, diet, lifestyle, and habits.


Your personalised workouts will be scheduled and delivered to you via the T2 Platform/App. Your programs will be designed around your current level of fitness, your ability, and your goals.


We can't tell you exactly what to eat as people can be different plus there is no such thing as a special diet for people with type 2 diabetes. However we do offer different healthy meal plans that are low in calories with occasional treats and portion control. For both Type 2 diabetes and obesity we need to focus on a diet that will move you towards your target blood sugar level, help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood pressure. We also encourage you to take photos of your meals which you can instantly upload via the T2 App so we can give you feedback.


In today's society a large majority of people are overweight which is associated to chronic health issues that can lead to premature mortality. The sad part about this is that it becomes a behavioural disease born out of habitual unhealthy choices for most people which is their lifestyle. For example if you work behind a desk all day and then come home and watch TV for the rest of the evening then we need to get you on your feet and make some changes to your a lifestyle.


- It's no secret that people who are out of shape and in poor health have generally followed unhealthy patterns of behaviour for a long time which have become habits. Whereas people that are fit and healthy consistently follow a few healthy habits. We want to look and track your habits so that we make sure you are making the right choices.

Theses 4 facets are the essence of the T2 Health Coach system. I believe that for me to do you the justice you deserve and get you the results you want we have to work on all 4 pieces of the system.

I personally know what the journey feels like to lose 5 stone and keep it off. I know too well how it feels cutting down on your favourite deserts and having to get up and move more. But I also know how it feels to come out the other end. When you do achieve your goals the pleasure and self esteem you experience totally outweighs any initial sacrifices.

Benefits of Online Coaching

You no longer have to go into a gym.

Lots of people don’t like gyms. There not always comfortable, welcoming environments. There not conveniently located either. Being able to train anywhere – in the comfort of your own home for example – can be a big advantage.

Scheduling is no longer a problem.

For those clients who work regular hours, booking with a trainer from 5.30 – 9.30pm can be a real headache as everyone else is waiting for those slots. Additionally having a strict appointment time puts undue pressure on a client. It becomes very frustrating when to show up 10 – 15 minutes late for an appointment because of traffic and miss part of the workout that you have paid for.

Stronger accountability and support.

Being an online coach gives me more time to offer better support by looking over your completed workouts, diet, lifestyle and your habits.

Having worked in a studio for many years I have worked with a lot of personal trainers who seem to just deliver a workout and offer nothing more in terms of support and accountability. This is often why they do not progress. With Online we can offer much more than just a workout plus the further benefits of an online community (such as a facebook group), where you can enjoy the support of other people who are all moving towards the similar goals.

More Cost effective.

In addition to paying a trainer for their time, many gyms also expect you to pay a membership or workout fee. You can get a better trainer at a fraction of the price by working with somebody online.

Can now work with the best.

Because the trainer can be anywhere, you can now seek out and find a highly experienced and qualified trainer to work with you. These are quite rare and may not always be at your local gym. By having a credible coach you are more likely to commit and trust the process, adhere to your program, and get better results.

Free client app to track progress.

A nice value-add for you here is that you can see your stats, track your progress, and communicate with their me in real time.