I feel a lot better inside and out

When I went to Paul my body was not in a good state. It didn’t function right not did it look right. I remember telling him when we first spoke that I look like Christmas Pudding. We started working together and with 6 months I am really pleased with the changes. Looking back I now realise that my diet was terrible. I feel so much better, I no longer look like a Christmas pudding, and this has given my self-esteem the boost that it needed.

Dawn, 42

I’d never go back to my old lifestyle

My doctor informed me that I had to start exercising because I had picked up a couple of chronic illnesses from poor lifestyle choices over the years. I decide to contact Paul as I knew he was very qualified and experienced to support my needs. He made me feel safe and my confidence increased. My health felt a hundred times better over the following months. I feel a lot better about my future now I’ve actually made these changes.  

Trevor, 65

I hated being put on medication

I came to Paul 12 months ago. I was a few stone overweight and kept feeling tired and dizzy. I was tested positive for type 2 diabetes and put on medication which astounded me. I knew I was overweight and my lifestyle was poor but this really got me down. I started working with Paul. Within 8 months I lost almost 5 stone. I came off my medication. I take my diet more seriously and do a lot more walking, as I don’t want to go back.

Terry Green, 66

In 12 months I lost 8 stone and over 30% body fat

I had been very overweight most of my life. I was depressed and I had no motivation to do anything about it. I had been to a few gyms, worked out and never saw any proper results because I lacked the knowledge of how to train and eat right. I needed guidance. Someone recommended that I get in touch with Paul which I did. I not sure at first but I did. Paul taught me how important my diet was to my overall health and appearance, he did all my workouts and turned my lifestyle around. I started seeing results like never before.  In 12 months I lost 8 stone and over 30% body fat, I know what it feels like to live an unhealthy, depressing lifestyle. I gained more confidence and I not only met my goals and exceeded them. Getting together with Paul really has changed my life.

Mark. R, 24

The level of professionalism, expertise, and knowledge is second to none

I’ve tried a couple of gyms before, had a Personal Trainer, tried various diets but I lost interest in them all as I didn’t seem to get any results. One of my clients recommended Paul to me which I am so please he did. It is a totally different experience to anything I had done before. The level of professionalism, expertise, and knowledge is second to none. I have lost over 4 stone, toned up, and got so much fitter. My blood pressure and cholesterol are no longer in the red. I am really pleased with my results. 

Andrew. W, 46

My outlook on life has changed dramatically

Before training with Paul I lived a very sedentary life and ate out all the time. My health really started to suffer. Thanks to Paul I have now lost a total of 4 stone and my outlook on life has changed dramatically. I am motivated to be more active and follow a balanced diet and have recently booked a walking holiday abroad which I never thought would be possible. 

Jonathon, 45

I look at my wedding photos and look amazing

I needed to stop eating so much and start exercising more to get in shape for my wedding that was four months away. I look at my wedding photos and look amazing. Thanks to the advice and guidance from Paul stopping me eating so much and making me walk and exercise more! I had never done these exercises before but they obviously worked, lol when I look at my photos. Thanks again.

Angela J, 37

I am in better shape than I was before my baby

“Getting ready for my summer holiday and wearing a bikini is always a scary prospect but having had a baby made it feel more impossible. Having an Xcel Personal Trainer changed all that. All the tailored training I have done and dietary advice that I have received has not only brought back my body confidence but I am in better shape than I was before my baby.

Sally J, 30